Officite Phone
Questions & Answers

Here you’ll find information regarding Officite Phone and GoTo information, websites, and answers to questions your customers may have during a follow-up call if you don’t have a GoTo representative or manager to help immediately with these questions.

  • International Calls

    YES! With Officite Phone, you’ll be able to make International calling free to 50+ countries. You can check on our website what these countries are. There are a few rural places in Canada that have charges, but you can find them on that link if we search “Canada” https://www.goto.com/connect/i...

  • Phone Number / Do I need to change my phone number?

    No worries! You will keep your current phone number. No concerns about changing your complete information for your customers as they won’t notice differences except for your customer service excellence.

  • Call Trees

    Create your custom call routing and a fully-featured PBX with a drag-and-drop Dial Plan Editor. Making changes from anywhere is easy with our virtual phone system.

  • Upfront payments

    Unfortunately, our billing system doesn’t allow us to have upfront payments.

  • Missed call / Voicemail

    With Officite Phone, you can set a missed call text with any information you want to send to your customers/patients after you miss a call. You can add your own recording or one of our premade recordings.

  • Officite Phone connects with Overhead Speakers?

    The connection with Overhead Speakers depends on the Model of that Speaker for us to send the right equipment for it to work. We need the model and year of that speaker to share that information with the LMI rep and see what equipment we’ll need.

  • Virgin Islands

    No E-Fax

  • Outbound calls / Will the business number show when making Outbound calls?

    Yes! The practice name will show when you call a patient/client, even if they don’t have you registered!

  • Mobile App / Do we have limited access to the number of mobile phones we can use with the app?

    It depends on the number of seats you have, so if you have four seats, you will have four licenses to access the mobile app. But if they need more, we can accommodate that.

  • Is E-Fax HIPAA-compliant?

    The transmission is HIPAA-compliant, but not the inbox (unless they have a HIPAA-compliant email already). It is not HIPAA-compliant. The best way I explain it to offices is that the transmission is HIPAA-compliant, but you have to treat an email the same as paper on a fax machine. Attend to it, do what you need, and then delete it. You wouldn’t leave that paper on the fax machine, so you must treat the email equally.

  • Regarding interoffice messaging, is there a way to create message groups? For example, if I need to inform our front desk staff of something, can I make a mass message that only goes to certain people on our team?

    Yes, they can do that for interoffice messaging with Officite Phone.

  • Does our phone system offer a selection of Waiting/Hold Music?

    Yes, Hold Music can be customized. If they have a recording they use now, we can also upload that file into our system.

  • What happens if multiple people share a number?

    The primary end-user's name will be the name that displays

  • What happens if multiple people call in at one time?

    The most recent caller’s Live Pop notification will display on the front/top

  • If someone needs E-Fax, is that another Officite Phone Standard Seat?

    No, it would not be an additional seat

  • Where is Officite Phone’s call center for support located?


  • What can I do if I can’t edit a user (from super-admin to admin or vise versa)

    If you get an error as the one below or simply can’t edit or delete a user, you need to contact Officite Phone support as they can edit it in their end. This could be due to a glitch or simply because the user that allowed you access, doesn’t have the proper credentials.

  • What is the minimum internet speed for our voip tool?

    90 kbps to 156 kbps → https://www.goto.com/connect/view-network-requirements#